Incident Management Training for IT Operations

Level 1: Sprint 2

80-Word CAN Report Exercise

Click on Exercise Details (below) for instructions. Instructions can be toggled on & off using the up/down arrow.

Mission Objective: Produce a written CAN report at exactly 80 words (does not include spaces or punctuation of the words Conditions – Actions – Needs).

Exercise Parameters: Each participant writes an 80-word CAN report. Topic of the report is open – there are no rules! Report will be delivered in the main session at the beginning of Sprint 3. The following is an example of a well written 80-word CAN report:

Conditions: At 0900 CET customer reported loss of a discount from their mobile account.

1. Business consultant confirming if related to customer bill cycle renewal.
2. Engineer investigating if any patches applied in past 48 hours. Developer reviewing logs from last 24 hours for errors.

1. Configuration team to confirm that price plans have not changed in the customer environment in past 24 hours.
2. The business support team to confirm if any more customers are currently impacted.

For editing purposes, this field allows unlimited words. However, before clicking "Submit", your final report should total no more than 80 words. For the purposes of this exercise, word count includes ALL words and numbers in your report EXCEPT the "Conditions", "Actions" and "Needs" section titles.