Incident Management Training for IT Operations

Level 1: Sprint 4, Exercise 1

Stage Appropriate Briefings

Mission Objective:  Each person will create their own CAN Report or IMS Briefing. Each group will develop three communications briefings based on instructor directions using the following two formats:

CAN report: Conditions, Actions, Needs

IMS briefing format:  Introduction, Main points (typically 2-3), Summary/conclusion

Select someone to lead the exercise, drive discussion and assign tasks. This leader will: 

  • assign team members to each of the three Communications briefings as noted below. Multiple people will be working on the same briefing. All team members should be given assignments.
  • guide group discussion to uncover details regarding a past incident (see Scenario, linked to the right).

Team members will identify key events of each phase of the incident needed for a communications briefing based on business impact, and each person will formulate a briefing based on the nature of the message to be delivered.

  • Briefing 1 – First 20 minutes of incident. Verbal CAN to Executive.
  • Briefing 2 – Middle part of incident. Written IMS Briefing to internal teams.
  • Briefing 3 – Resolution of incident. Verbal IMS Briefing or CAN to customers.

Each person will deliver the message verbally to the breakout group as practice. Then, the person leading the exercise will select one person from each phase to be responsible for the final communications briefing to the large group after leaving the breakout room.

Minimum Exercise Deliverables:  Each person designated as responsible for Communications for their small group will deliver the briefing back to the entire group in the main session at the conclusion of the exercise.

Tools for this exercise: