Incident Management Training for IT Operations

Level 1: Sprint 4, Exercise 1

Stage Appropriate Briefings


Everyone in the group will create their own CAN Report or IMS Briefing on whatever phase of the incident they are assigned (first 20 minutes, middle, or resolution).

To get started: 

  1. Select an IC who will assigns each team member one of the briefings noted below, making sure all three briefings are assigned.
  2. IC guides discussion to uncover details regarding a past incident (see Scenario, linked to the right).
  3. IC calls on group members to present briefings for each phase of the incident. 
  4. IC selects one person from each phase to deliver their briefing to the large group.

Briefing 1 – Verbal CAN to Executive on the first 20 minutes of the incident.

Briefing 2 – Written IMS Briefing to external constituents regarding the middle part of incident.

Briefing 3 – Verbal IMS Briefing or CAN to customers regarding resolution of incident.

To develop your briefing:

  • Each person writes their own briefing based on their assignment.
  • Identify key events of each phase of the incident based on business impact. 
  • Formulate your briefing around the nature of the message to be delivered.
  • When requested, deliver your briefing to the breakout group as practice.

Each group will be asked to present briefings in the main session related to the three phases of the incident.

Tools for this exercise:
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