Incident Commander / Key Responder: Level 1

Sprint 4, Exercise 1: IMS Briefings

Click on Exercise Details (below) for instructions. As the exercise is carried out, each designated LNO will use the form below to create and submit their own IMS Briefing. When submitted, each report will automatically be sent to that LNO’s email address for later use. LNOs may also be asked to forward that report to other students.


Mission Objective: Each group to develop (3) LNO briefings based on instructor directions using the LNO briefing format:

  • Introduction
  • 3 main points
  • Summary/conclusion

Breakout Room details: Assigned Roles: GL, LNO(s), Scribe, LKT.

GL: Drive discussion and assign LNO tasks.

LNO(s): Provide assigned briefing at the conclusion of the exercise (deliverables listed below).

LKT: Monitor the incoming broadcast notices from the main room.

Exercise Parameters:

  • GL assigns 3 team members to LNO roles
  • GL guides group discussion to uncover details regarding a past incident that each participant is familiar with. Team members to identify key events of each phase of the incident needed for a LNO briefing based on business impact.
          • LNO 1 – First 20 minutes of incident. Verbal CAN to Executive.
          • LNO 2 – Middle part of incident. Written LNO Briefing to internal teams
          • LNO 3 – Resolution of incident. Verbal LNO Briefing or CAN to customers
  • Each LNO will formulate a LNO briefing based on the nature of the message to be delivered.
  • Each LNO will deliver the message verbally to the breakout group as a practice session for the final brief out to the main session at the conclusion of the breakout room.

Minimum Exercise Deliverables:

  • Each LNO to deliver the briefing back to the entire group in the main session at the conclusion of the exercise.
  • At the conclusion of each briefing, the lead instructor will open the floor to general questions/comments from all participants.
  • Lead instructor will offer comments and feedback to each LNO.
Group/Team: 1
(optional) If there is anyone in the group other than the LNO that wants a copy of the completed exercise, the Scribe is responsible for emailing it to them.