Incident Commander / Key Responder: Level 1

Sprint 4, Exercise 1: Stage Appropriate Briefings

Click on Exercise Details (below) for instructions. Each person will create their own CAN Report or IMS Briefing.



Tools for this exercise:

Mission Objective: Each group to develop (3) LNO briefings based on instructor directions using the following two formats:

CAN report:

  • Conditions
  • Actions
  • Needs

IMS briefing format:

  • Introduction
  • Main points (typically 2-3)
  • Summary/conclusion

Breakout Room details: Assigned Roles: GL, LNO(s), Scribe

GL: Drive discussion and assign LNO tasks.

LNO(s): Provide assigned briefing at the conclusion of the exercise (deliverables listed below).

Exercise Parameters:

  • GL assigns 3 team members to LNO roles
  • GL guides group discussion to uncover details regarding a past incident that each participant is familiar with. Team members to identify key events of each phase of the incident needed for a LNO briefing based on business impact.
          • LNO 1 – First 20 minutes of incident. Verbal CAN to Executive.
          • LNO 2 – Middle part of incident. Written LNO Briefing to internal teams
          • LNO 3 – Resolution of incident. Verbal LNO Briefing or CAN to customers
  • Each LNO will formulate a LNO briefing based on the nature of the message to be delivered.
  • Each LNO will deliver the message verbally to the breakout group as a practice session for the final brief out to the main session at the conclusion of the breakout room.

Minimum Exercise Deliverables:

  • Each LNO to deliver the briefing back to the entire group in the main session at the conclusion of the exercise.
  • At the conclusion of each briefing, the lead instructor will open the floor to general questions/comments from all participants.
  • Lead instructor will offer comments and feedback to each LNO.


Group/Team: 1
(optional) If there is anyone in the group other than the LNO that wants a copy of the completed exercise, the Scribe is responsible for emailing it to them.