Incident Commander Level 1 (open enrollment)

OnLINE Academy Incident Commander, Level 1

(Open Enrollment)

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This is the first in a series of courses available through our OnLINE Incident Management Academy. Incident Commander Level 1 is a 10-hour program, offered in five 2-hour blocks. Each block is interactive, led by live instructors who challenge and engage participants from around the world using multimedia, video conferencing and small group exercises highly applicable to the IT setting.

High severity incidents are complicated and require a team of Subject Matter Experts working for an Incident Commander (IC) to restore IT systems to Uptime quickly. To that end, we believe there are six basic tenets to successfully resolving any IT incident:

  • Assemble the right people as rapidly as possible
  • Provide clear and focused leadership to ensure forward momentum in the resolution effort
  • Use the right tools to gather and synthesize information in order to make the best decisions possible in the shortest amount of time
  • Ensure that specific and accurate communications are made in a timely manner to key responders and other identified stakeholders
  • Create an organizational culture that supports emergency response

Our goal is to give team members the knowledge and skill set to resolve any type of incident with efficiency, and get operations back to normal. Adapted for a world in which travel is restricted, this intensive course allows students to experience and respond to highly realistic simulated IT incidents using actual IC-IMS techniques with real-time feedback from instructors and fellow participants.

Scheduling: Once enrolled, the student will be contacted by one of our Partners so that they can discuss training goals and match the student to five live, interactive sessions over a 30-day window. Training dates and times will be scheduled for each student based on work schedule and time zone, desired pace of instruction, and session availability.

Instructors: We have over 100 years of collective incident management experience leading Special Operations teams in busy urban Fire Departments on the east and west coast, and managing critical technology infrastructure across the United States. We also have incident management experience in 40+ countries at the highest levels of government and industry. We take best practices, literally tested by fire, and translate them into the world of IT Operations.

Requirements: a) Students in this course will be required to sign and submit a Non-Disclosure Agreement as a condition of participation in OnLINE Academy training. b) Students will need a webcam with microphone, and be able to use the Zoom platform for interactive exercises. Headset/headphones are optional. Out of respect for all participants, we request that students make every effort to ensure their workspace is free of background noise and visual distractions during training sessions.

Prerequisites: None. This course is a prerequisite for enrollment in Incident Commander Level 2.

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OnLINE Academy Incident Commander, Level 1 (open enrollment)

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