Incident Management Training for IT Operations

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Incident Management Training for IT Operations

Real-time, instructor-led courses connecting groups of IT professionals worldwide using interactive learning and live-training technology.

  • Certification for those filling key incident management roles. 
  • Focus on hard and soft skills required for Incident Leadership, Communications and Tactical Documentation, as well as effective engagement of Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Live, real-time instruction led by a variety of instructors with decades of real-world incident management experience
  • Numerous small group exercises for dynamic skills practice and individual feedback
  • Training tools similar to those used during IT incidents
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Reduced travel costs

Upcoming Level 1 Training Sessions

Starts June 21!


Self-Paced 24/7
Incident Management System Awareness

Learn at your own pace through this 4-part entry-level multi-media series. Quizzes and supplemental material help you build knowledge and check your understanding of the IMS system.

Course length: approximately 2.5 hours

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Incident Command for IT Operations (Glossary)

In IT incident operations, responders may encounter many acronyms, company specific terms, and jargon. In an effort to bring clarity to some of the roles and responsibilities of incident resolution, and the lexicon of response, Blackrock 3 Partners offers the following definitions for your consideration. You will find many terms used in our training programs.

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3 Secrets of Modern Incident Management

About the Author: Stephen M. Dick – VP Cloud Engineering (DevOps | SRE | FinOps). Stephen leads and matures modern Cloud Engineering teams that accelerate software releases (DevOps), ensure highly reliable systems (SRE) with cost optimized cloud infrastructure (FinOps). At 8:45pm on a warm summer evening at a Data Center just outside of Washington D.C,

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