Incident Management Training for IT Operations

Thank you for trusting Blackrock 3 Partners to help your team
reach a higher level of Operational Maturity!

Before the start of the Sprint please ensure each person on your team understands the expectations:

  • Blackrock 3 will be in contact with the company-appointed lead (called A-Rep) for the duration of the course. The A-Rep will provide a Zoom link to participants prior to each session. Participants should use this link to login to the Sprint at, or a few minutes prior, to the scheduled starting time.
  • Show up on time. Your company has blocked out this time for you to participate, and we have a lot to do! In order to finish each session on time, participants should show up on time (or a few minutes early), having done any assigned reading or tasks prior to the start of the Sprint. When your team shows up on time and ready, we will finish on time, having covered all of the targeted material. If people arrive late or unprepared, it may set them or their teams back in the learning process.
  • Get familiar with Academy Resources, the Home page for the Incident Management Training for IT Operations. Participants should have this web page open at the start of each Sprint.
  • Cameras on. In this training your team will learn to use and manage various resources, tools and communication techniques to more efficiently resolve IT incidents. We will be coaching individuals and teams through a number of interactive exercises. In order for us to gauge understanding and provide the best feedback possible, we need your webcams turned on during the Sprints.
  • Participate!  This is a highly interactive course, with lots of opportunity to practice various incident resolution techniques. Every participant will have opportunity to speak up, practice, and try out skills in small group settings. We expect you to participate, and you’ll be glad you did!
  • Expect to give and receive feedback. Throughout the course, we’ll be coaching participants and providing feedback, and team members will have the opportunity to give feedback to each other within small group settings. At the end of the course, participants will also be asked to provide Blackrock 3 Partners with feedback regarding the course content and structure. It’s not only requested, but also required in order to earn a Certificate of Completion!
  • Let us know if you’ll be absent. We understand that IT incidents, illness or other factors may cause someone to miss a Sprint. Participants and/or the A-Rep should email if they know in advance they are going to be gone. Attendance for at least 75% of the sessions is required for a Certificate of Completion. On a case by case basis, participants may be able to attend a makeup session with another group in order to complete the course.

Want to know more about Incident Management prior to the Sprint?

Visit the Academy Resources page, and click on Sprint 1.  At the top of the page that opens, you’ll see a link to download the slide deck that we’ll use during the first Sprint. Reviewing the slides prior to class will give you a head start in understanding concepts that may be new.



Check out our textbook, Incident Management for Operations, which can be purchased on Safari or Amazon