Incident Management Training for IT Operations

Level 1

Capstone Exercise: Operational Maturity


Discuss existing management processes in the areas of training, program and culture. Develop recommendations related to training, program & culture.

Breakout Room

Incident Commander (IC)

  • Appoint key positions (LNO, Scribe).
  • Brief the group on the objective & deliverables (CAN).
  • Lead discussion and engage your team.
  • Ensure Scribe submits their notes before leaving the breakout room

Liaison Officer (LNO)

Keep your own notes of key actions, decisions and benchmarks so you can deliver briefings when asked


  • Capture key points using the form below
  • Share your screen throughout the exercise.
  • Submit the form before leaving the breakout room.

All Team Members

Engage in the conversation.

Main Room


Be prepared to respond to inquiries from Lead Instructor.


Deliver 3 recommendations related to training, program & culture using the IMS briefing format.

Maturity Model v5.13.24

SCRIBE:  Share your screen during the exercise.
Record the group’s information and click Submit before leaving the breakout room.

Now that you have almost completed the course, what recommendations would the group provide to your organization in the following areas?