Incident Simulation #1

This is a group exercise led by the Group Leader (GL), who must:

  1. Appoint a Scribe. The Scribe will create a timeline, keep time contracts on assignments, and record the summary of key events.
  2. Appoint an LNO, who will brief the group’s findings when you return to the main group.
  3. Appoint a LKT.

Alternative option H to the Incident Simulation Answer Sheet:

  1. open the Fillable PDF Answer Sheet
  2. save to your desktop
  3. fill in the form on your desktop
  4. use for briefing
  1. What is your opinion of the CAN reports issued by the Incident Commander?
  2. Did the Incident Commander maintain good forward momentum during the trouble shooting?
  3. In your opinion, at the 7:58 point in the recording, the Application team issued a CAN report with recommendations. Do you feel it was a complete report and easy to follow? If not, what recommendations would you make for improvement?