Incident Commander / Key Responder

Lost at Sea Exercise


You have chartered a yacht for a trip over the Atlantic Ocean with three friends. As none of you have any sailing experience, you hire a crew of three. In the mid-Atlantic, there is a fire and all of the crew are lost. The yacht is sinking. You do not know where you are, but you are hundreds of miles away from land. You have saved 15 items that are undamaged. You have a 4-person lifeboat and a box of matches.

Your group task is to rank these items from the most important (1) to the least important (15)


Shaving mirror
Mosquito netting
25 liters of water
1 case of army
Maps of the Atlantic
A floating seat
10 liter can of oil/petrol
Small transistor radio
3 square meters of opaque plastic
A can of shark
1 bottle of 160 proof rum
4 meters of nylon
2 boxes of chocolate
Fishing kit

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