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What's next?

If you are interested in real-time training with live instructors and interaction with fellow participants, check out our OnLINE Incident Management Academy. Building on our success advising global IT organizations, we expanded our training and consulting programs by creating a new interactive online training program. Despite global travel restrictions, our customers needed effective, innovative, remote training in real time. This unique program takes students well beyond the Introduction to IMS course. Participants learn to operate effectively in the Incident Commander, Scribe and Liaison roles using techniques consistent with the U.S. National Incident Management System, simulations based on actual IT incidents, ongoing evaluation and feedback, direct instruction, and group exercises.  Instructors live-stream the courses using two-way audio and video to ensure that the Academy incorporates the same high level of interaction between Blackrock 3 experts and incident responders as our onsite sessions always have.

    • Training curriculum with certification tracks for key Incident Management roles: Incident Commander (IC), Command Staff (Scribe & Liaison Officer), and Subject Matter Experts
    • Modular program that blends multiple interactive delivery modes
    • Communication tools used in training similar to those used during actual incidents
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Reduced travel costs

The first course in the series–Incident Commander Level 1–is now available through open enrollment!  Now, any IT professional can register, either individually or through an employer-led initiative. Participants will be scheduled for  training sessions at times and at a pace that fits their schedule.