Incident Management Training for IT Operations

Available as a Private Corporate Training Program
or through Independent Registration

OVERVIEW:  Course provides a foundational level of skills, knowledge, and abilities for individuals who will take on leadership roles, provide incident communications, perform technology problem-solving, or engage in tactical documentation during Information Technology (IT) incidents.

Course content includes:

  • History of the Incident Management System (IMS)
  • Adaptation of incident response best practices from fire department operations into IT
  • Roles and responsibilities associated with incident leadership, communications, and tactical documentation.
  • Communication briefings using the Conditions, Actions and Needs (CAN) report and IMS briefing formats.

Course includes numerous simulated incidents engaging participants in hands on practice during small group exercises.

FORMAT: The Level 1 certification course is organized into four Sprints of two hours each conducted on the Zoom video conferencing platform. Participants will receive an invitation called a “Dispatch Notice”, which will include the date, time, and Zoom invite link for each Sprint. All Sprints are led by Blackrock 3 Partners personnel, with a lead instructor providing instructional content, coaching, and immediate feedback on participant engagement. Each Sprint will combine lecture and small-group exercises using the Zoom Breakout Room feature, so that participants can practice the roles, skills and tactics discussed during the lecture.

This course fulfills the prerequisite requirement for enrollment in any Incident Management for IT Operations Level 2 training.

Blackrock 3 Partners has over 100 years of collective incident management experience leading Special Operations teams in busy urban Fire Departments on the east and west coast, and managing critical technology infrastructure across the United States. We also have incident management experience in 40+ countries at the highest levels of government and industry. We take best practices, literally tested by fire, and translate them into the world of IT Operations.