Incident Commander / Key Responder: Level 1

Sprint 1, Exercise 1: Improving Incident Response

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GL leads discussion to identify issues that prevent the incident response program from reaching optimal operational maturity. Use the form below to complete the exercise, submitting ONE form for the whole group. Feel free to refer to the Operational Maturity Model (above) as needed.

Group/Team: 1
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1. Incident Response in Your Organization

Please select the number that most closely represents the opinion of the group regarding the current state of incident response operational maturity. If there are dissimilar participants in the group, the GL must lead the group to select a single ranking from all the inputs from the group.

2. Areas for Improvement

Based on your experience and observations as an incident responder, use the following boxes to discuss the current incident management process at your company and identify practices, procedures or situations where programmatic improvement is needed. Use one box per idea.