Incident Management Training for IT Operations

Level 1

Sprint 2:
Incident Commander and CAN Reports

Small Group Exercises

Points to Ponder

  • IMS has a long history in incident response and is useful for a variety of incidents
  • A bad incident which is run well, is viewed with positive thoughts, while a minor incident run poorly is viewed as a disaster
  • A culture of response and effective communication are keys to successful incident response
  • Incident response is a team sport, led by the entire command staff

Signs: countable and validated

Symptoms: subjective and descriptive

Written Resources

Key Learnings

  • Established and identified Command roles are essential
  • The incident commander should ensure that the incident maintains forward momentum
  • The incident commander should try to minimize distraction and disruptions to the resolution effort
  • Delegation of duties improves the response
  • A consistent communications protocol is essential
  • CAN reports are an effective tool for the incident commander to provide clarity to all responders during the incident
Multimedia Resources

This page is set up for Academy sessions with a live facilitator.