Incident Management Training for IT Operations

Stage Appropriate Briefing Exercise


Each person will create one stage-appropriate CAN Report or IMS Briefing.

Breakout Room

Incident Commander (IC)

  • Assign each person one of the briefings, making sure all three stages are assigned.
  • Guide discussion to uncover details regarding the incident.
  • Establish expectations, set time contracts.
  • Request a briefing from each person.
  • Select one LNO from each stage to deliver their briefing in the main group.

Everyone (LNOs)

Each person writes one stage-appropriate briefing, as assigned.

  • Briefing 1: first 20 minutes of the incident – Verbal CAN to Executive 
  • Briefing 2: middle of incidentWritten IMS Briefing to external constituents (SMEs that are not on the bridge)
  • Briefing 3: resolution of incidentVerbal IMS Briefing or CAN to customers 

Use the scenario below. Identify key events, consider your audience. Deliver your briefing to the breakout group as practice.

Click here to view scenario for this exercise. 

AFTER your report in the main room, please submit your work